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Oct 13, 2017

Energy and enthusiasm have made the first Summit the an incredible experience that it has been. After contributing to two full days of learning, connecting, and engaging with BIG ideas, there is a tone to share...

What you missed - DAY 2 SingularityU Canada Summit RECAP

"Innovation is doing the same thing, better. Disruption is doing new things that make the old things obsolete."

- David Roberts, Distinguished Faculty, Innovation and DisruptionRevisit some highlights from day 2 below and use practical tips to share the exponential mindset with your organization. Learn more about how you can make a difference for Canada and the world. Continue the Conversation

Abundant Possibilities

These aren't just global challenges - they are personal.

  • Ann Makosinski closed the gap between scientist and artist and John Hagelwants to redefine work around creativity - empowering people from all sectors to contribute.
  • "The first step to understanding climate change is to realize that it's your responsibility," Glen Murray explained.

Identify patterns to take advantage of opportunities 

  • Look in unexpected places - Tom Rand notes huge opportunities that exist in cleantech for energy giants.
  • Ed Clark encourages Canadians to focus on where we have a competitive advantage: cooperation.

Canada has never had a more important role to play

  • "Canada is a place where kindness is not to be mistaken with weakness. We are global innovators," says Amin Toufani, CEO at T Labs
  • Raquel Urtasun recognizes that Canada to play a leading role in creating the policies and governance structures for self-driving cars.

Realize Your Exponential Potential

Turn the ideas and inspiration into action.

  • Join the Executive Program. For the first time in Canada, get the opportunity to take an intensive 3-day program that equips today's leaders for tomorrow's challenges.
  • Host the 2018 Summit. Host international experts and centre the conversation on Canadian innovation in your city.
  • Become a Member. Unite the Pan-Canadian community and connect your organizational values to a worldwide effort for positive change and thoughtful advancement.

Connect further and continue the conversation with the SU Canada community to harness the power of accelerating technologies for a positive impact.


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